Helping People with Dementia

Does someone you love tend to wander?  We understand the concern that goes with this: when they go missing you might be thinking, are they safe?  Are they warm enough?  When will I see them?

Some current technology works, but it’s slow.  It’s slow because it doesn’t let you know when someone has left the property. Once you do know they are missing you can call the police but, even if they are wearing the current technology, it can take time to find them.

Sometimes that time is not enough to keep the person as safe as you want them to be.

Now there’s a better way.

With the GPSOS Geofence, if they are wearing our new technology we will know when they leave the area around their house and we can track them to their location.  All of this will occur while notifying and sending help to people closest to them and the police if required to bring them back to safety.

A GPSOS Geofence is simply a defined area such as a house, a property or an area of town. When a person leaves the area the GPSOS Pendant or Watch will automatically notify GPSOS’s Monitoring Centre so we can track their location and send help. You can define up to 8 different Geofences for flexibility.

GPSOS provides additional peace of mind to help with early stage dementia.  For your FREE Pendant click here, or to buy the GP7.0 Watch click here.