Out of Stock until September 2021

Due to high demand, our GP7.0 Personal Security Watch is out of stock. We are expecting a new shipment in September 2021.

Personal Security Watch + 24/7 Monitoring

From: $34.98 Inc. NZ GST / month and a $200.00 one off device purchase

  • This price is only available when signing up for a 24 month contract. See Terms & Conditions for details.
  • 30 Day no-risk money back guarantee.
  • Subscription Interval: Choose easy monthly payments or save 10% by paying annually.
  • Add Geofence: For an extra $11.50/month you can add the Geofence option and create up to 8 safe areas. An alarm will be triggered whenever you leave the safe area.
  • Add Vital Signs Monitoring: For an extra $23/month your heartbeat, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels will be monitored and an alarm triggered whenever these go above or below a certain range.
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We offer a 24/7 personal security service based around the GP7.0 watch.  This product features:

  • A 24/7 monitoring centre that solely monitors these products to ensure your safety.
  • A large panic button (for any circumstance that has an impact on your personal security).
  • Assistance received notification, meaning you will feel the watch buzz so you know someone is there before we talk to you.
  • The watch monitors your health vital signs including heartbeat, blood pressure and your blood oxygen levels.
  • It has fall detection, which automatically triggers the alarm should you fall and can’t set the panic button off yourself.
  • Two way communication, meaning where ever you are in cell phone or internet range, you will be able to talk to a friendly customer service person 24/7.
  • Advanced GPS Tracking, so if you become lost, have an accident and are unsure where you are and you are in cell phone coverage, we will be able to locate you within 10 meters of your location.