New Zealand-based Personal Health and Safety Monitoring Company, GPSOS’ debut new video.

Posted December 12, 2019 by brad

New Zealand’s emerging developer of mobile emergency technology, GPSOS Ltd are excited to share their latest video. The new video features Grace Taiaroa sharing why and how the GPSOS pendant has changed her life and how GPSOS has been helping the people of Ratana Pa near Whanganui live independently. “Before I was afraid of being alone and of going out because if I needed help, I didn’t know what to do,” comments Grace about the confidence that her GPSOS pendant gives her.

GPSOS provides older people and at risk people with more independence, and the ability to get out and enjoy their life with the peace of mind that, if something does go wrong, GPSOS is there for them. “This makes me feel safe to go out,” Grace says about her GP1000 Pendant. “It can find me where I am, compared to other products that could only find me if I’m home,” adds Grace.

Jamie Nepia, the son of Te Arohanui, also talks about how GPSOS helps Ratana’s residents be more independent. “With GPSOS, she can go anywhere in the country and this product will protect her,” says Jamie.
A pilot study within Ratana Pa, near Whanganui, has seen GPSOS used as a catalyst for greater independent living. The GPSOS pendant was successfully integrated into the everyday life of some of Ratana’s older residents and was a great aid in managing their safety and wellbeing, wherever they go within their communities and beyond.
You can see Grace and Jamie’s testimonial below:

Ratana Pa were thrilled with the services and products that GPSOS offered for its older residents. Grace is just one example of the many who gain their life back through GPSOS.

“We are building life changing products. These will save a lot of lives and help a lot of people around our country,” says GPSOS CEO, Mark Simmonds. These products are the GP1000 pendant and the GP4.0 watch. The pendant was developed over three years by Mark, a 40 year security veteran, after two personal episodes of loss inside his own family and friends’ circle
“With busy modern lives, it’s often difficult for families to care for their loved ones. But with GPSOS you can have the technology and services that enable them to have a fuller and more independent life,” adds Mark.
The sleek looking GP1000 pendant and the GP4.0 watch both feature built-in two way talk technology – allowing clear and easy conversation in any emergency, a fall sensor that automatically notifies GPSOS when the wearer falls and a system that is highly accurate in locating where you are. The watch is also capable of monitoring the wearer’s vital signs.
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