Leading New Zealand-based Personal Health and Safety Monitoring Company, GPSOS are your invisible bodyguard at all times.

Posted January 22, 2020 by brad

Growing numbers of New Zealanders are now living alone. Census data shows that 405,000 people now live alone which represents an increase of 36,000 from 2013.

New Zealand’s fast-growing developer of mobile emergency technology, GPSOS Ltd, are here to make those that live alone not feel so alone.

Those that live alone can often find themselves in situations where they feel unsafe and don’t know where to turn for help. “Feeling unsafe, threatened or scared is not something anyone wants to go through. People can feel hesitant about calling the police or just simply don’t have the time to react quickly in certain situations,” GPSOS CEO, Mark Simmonds. “This is where GPSOS comes in.”

Have you ever walked through a carpark at night, heard a noise when you’re home alone or gone on an early morning walk and felt unsettled or unsafe? “With GPSOS on your side, you can give yourself peace of mind and settle those worries with the press of a button” adds Mark.

With the GPSOS pendant or watch, GPSOS is your invisible bodyguard, protecting you 24/7 no matter where you are in cell phone range.

The stylish and modern looking GP1000 pendant and the GP7.0 watch both features a panic button, two way talk that allows clear and easy conversation in any emergency or concern about a ‘bump in the night’ and GPS so we know your exact location when you need us. The pendant also has an accurate fall sensor that automatically notifies GPSOS if you fell and the watch can monitor your vital signs.

Both Margaret and Jan rave about GPSOS.

Margaret, based in East Auckland said “I have to say I am glad to have started use this GPSOS service, and shall happily recommend it to others”.

Jan, based in South Auckland said “I am very impressed with the level of monitoring, nice people and a really prompt service”.

“Our product means you have a device worn around your neck, on your wrist or your belt that you can press at any time and our monitoring staff will instantly be at the other end speaking to you to resolve your issue” added Mark.