Helping Ratana’s Residents Be More Independent.

Posted November 21, 2019 by brad

A pilot study within Ratana Pa near Whanganui has seen a new cutting-edge two-way communications device successfully used for greater independent living. The GPSOS pendant was successfully integrated into the every day life of some of Ratana’s older residents. This is helping manage safety and wellbeing wherever they go within their communities.

The pendant was developed over three years by long term security consultant Mark Simmonds, after two personal episodes of loss inside his own family and friends’ circle. Mark, who also introduced home detention to New Zealand, says many older people are restricted within their homes and feel unsafe to enjoy a fully independent lifestyle. They may feel vulnerable in public or in their homes if they live alone.

“It’s tragic that people can feel vulnerable in the outside world that they just can’t do day to day activities like going to the shops or for a walk,” Mark says.  “With modern life, it’s often hard for families to care for their older relatives and we now have the technology and services that enable them to have a fuller and more independent life.  They can retain their independence for longer.”

With the new technology, if someone presses the button, our trained monitoring staff will speak directly with them through the pendant and help resolve the issue. It’s like having an invisible bodyguard crossed with a caring friend and trained professional by your side. GPSOS is there 24/7 and with you every step of the way to feeling more secure and confident.

Ratana Pa was highly impressed with the services that GPSOS offered for its older residents. Grace Taiaroa, one of the users, can’t stop talking about the pendant.

“It helps me to feel safe!” Grace says

In addition, the pendant can detect falls and automatically alert the monitoring station, it tells GPSOS where you are and if loved ones do go wandering, we could locate them quickly if they are wearing the pendant.