GPSOS Provides Older People and their Loved Ones with Safety, Security and Peace of Mind

Posted August 21, 2019 by brad

With their state-of-the-art technology currently revolutionising the world of personal monitoring and safety, the burgeoning Kiwi company GPSOS is rapidly becoming the go-to name for those who may feel lacking in safety or a quick and easy means of emergency communication.

With constant personal monitoring and professional emergency services merely a button push away, GPSOS technology is particularly beneficial to older people, particularly those who may live alone or with health issues.

Friends and families of older citizens take great comfort in the fact that their loved ones are in safe hands with GPSOS, says Chief Operating Officer at GPSOS Scott Lee.

“This technology provides them with greater independence, and the ability to get out and enjoy life with the knowledge that if something does go wrong, GPSOS is there,” Scott says.

“My grandfather once had a fall in the bathroom and couldn’t talk to anyone as the base unit of his monitoring device was in the lounge – with this technology you can have a very clear two-way conversation whenever you’re in cell phone coverage – he could have had someone talking to him, reassuring him if we’d had this technology at that point.”

Scott recalled a 75-year study done by Harvard University that essentially stated the key to happiness is the connections we form to other people throughout our lives.

“With this technology you can get out, go to the RSA or the bowling club, go to the movies, the supermarket, get the connection we crave as human beings,” Scott says.

“You can connect with friends, and meet other people, and thereby deepen these connections. And the happiness that comes from that helps people to feel healthier, which will have an impact of how long you live and the quality of that life. This product provides that opportunity for people to live their best life in their older years.”

The crowning achievements of the company so far are the GP1000 pendant and the GP4.0 watch, both slick, stylish safety devices. The pendant features built-in 2-Talk technology, allowing clear and easy conversation in any emergency, a fall sensor that automatically notifies GPSOS when the wearer falls and is highly accurate locating where you are. The watch is also capable of monitoring the wearer’s vital signs.