Enjoy your freedom with New Zealand based developer of mobile emergency technology, GPSOS Ltd.

Posted August 12, 2019 by brad

Working to improve the lives of all New Zealanders, GPSOS Ltd is a developer of mobile emergency technology.

Through Kiwi innovation and developing international partnerships, the team at GPSOS are setting a new standard for emergency communications and remote medical monitoring.

“We are here to make a positive impact on the personal safety and protection of New Zealanders so they can lead the life they want,” says CEO Mark Simmonds. GPSOS is a monitored emergency alarm that will work across mobile networks, exactly when you need it and at an affordable price compared to traditional systems.

Currently available is the GP1000 pendant and GP4.0 watch which have taken personal protection and personal health technology to a new level in New Zealand.

The elderly often feel dependent on others for what they can do in their life. “Feeling vulnerable is not a lot of fun. It can have an impact on how you feel and on your health. And as we age there are many things we have to give up. Your independence doesn’t have to be one of them” says Mark. For the elderly, GPSOS can give them a new lease on life.

For employers that have lone or at risk workers, or those that operate in difficult locations, GPSOS can help keep them safe and in the worst-case scenario it can reach help quickly in an emergency. “Not only does this help the lone, at risk and remote workers feel safe it also assists their employers meet their health and safety responsibilities,” adds Mark.

If you are someone that enjoys our beautiful great outdoors, GPSOS can give you the peace of mind that help is only a button press away should you find yourself in harm’s way or feel threatened.

GPSOS is also revolutionising the world of home based health care. GPSOS gives you the ability to spend more time in the comfort of your own home rather than hospitals. With GPSOS it allows for qualified professionals to monitor vital signs remotely and respond quickly.