Retain your freedom with an Independence Alarm from GPSOS

Using the latest technology, we give you more than just a Medical Alarm. We give you the freedom to love your life wherever you want, safe in the knowledge we're with you every step of the way.
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Independence Alarms, not Medical Alarms

Imagine going anywhere* you want with confidence. Sure, something might go wrong, but you know you have help at hand all the time.

No more restricting stay-at-home Medical Alarms, have your independence back, go out for a walk, visit friends, do what you want. Enjoy your later life, you’ve earned it.

Dementia - Find your loved ones easily

Dementia takes away from the individual and their families. It does not mean you have to lose your loved ones.

If your family member is wearing the GPSOS device, we can find them quickly, so you can feel greater peace of mind for your loved ones*.

Lone Workers – Health and Safety made easy

When you have workers on their own, the health and safety obligations increase significantly.

Whether you’re doing a quick job fixing a tap, tidying up after a long day or visiting a client, GPSOS can be your bodyguard in that unlikely event you need help*.

People living alone

From dark carparks to being home alone, we want to make sure you have someone available at all times*.

If you have found yourself in a situation, feeling uncertain and unsafe, wishing someone was there to help, now you’ve found that someone: GPSOS.

Monitoring vital signs

Recovering from surgery? Had a health scare lately? Want someone there if something goes out of balance?

GPSOS can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen within certain ranges you set with your medical professional, so you can get on with your life. If something does change, we’ll know and be able to get you help if needed*.

* Works wherever there is cell phone coverage or wifi.